My first mistake while preparing to go abroad.




Feel or cause to feel anxious or troubled about actual or potential problems.

Have you ever thought about an upcoming event so much that you literally convinced your self that it would be awful? I have, and I did with our flight to Germany. For Laelah and I this was our first international flight so needless to say I was nervous.

  Naturally when I found out that we would be moving to Germany I ventured to the internet to see what a ton of strangers had to say. The internet like everything has  pros and cons. Unfortunately for me I got engulfed into what I like to call the cesspool of uncertainty. Many of the sites content included negativity that stem from others own experiences and contradicting advice. I left multiple websites in a silent panic convinced that I would go through the same tradgedies that I had read about.
Oddly enough everything turned out fine. The flight there was a breeze excluding me experiencing motion sickness. I highly recommend purchasing Dramamine before the day of your flight or you will be forced to pay a steep price at the airport. My two year old daughter Laelah did surprisingly well for her first flight. No tantrums or crying and only slight signs of her being uncomfortable on our last flight into Nuremberg. Luckily this was only a 30 minute flight. We opted to use a commercial airline instead of a military airline so that we only had to drive an hour to our final destination.(This can be requested when speaking to travel.)

A few tips:
Dress comfortably,invest in a decent pair of headphones,(some are provided on the plane but they are not very great.)purchase a neck pillow and most importantly stay aware of your board times and gates to avoid missing your plane.
I find it awesome that others are willing to share their own intimate experiences with the world(I’m currently doing the same) but we must remember to keep an open mind and to never base our future off of someone else’s
experiences,for we do not know every variable of their situation. It is perfectly normal to be concerned about an upcoming event that you have no experience with,we are human and the unknown can be a terrifying thing. Remember to approach whatever it is with positivity and to keep an open mind!

How do you cope with uncertainty? Feel free to share your tips with me in the comment section below! 😊


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