Have you ever wanted to leave your body, not simply die but just step outside of your skin and look at you, the real you. Speak to yourself and make yourself truly understand that who you are matters in every aspect. Strip every negative thought that you have ever had about yourself or anyone that you have ever encountered. Every regret,every mistake and every tear that followed after wiped away as if to say there were far more good times than the bad. Grab that hand that once seemed so out of reach,constantly grazing only the fingertips in the past desperately trying to convince yourself that you only feel this way because you are mad. This hand is cold,lifeless almost. Squeezing tighter careful to not let go.let go of yourself something that was once easily done. Unfortunately you have already convinced yourself that you’re done. Done smiling,done hoping,done dreaming,done laughing,done screaming, done living,done…..believing. Believing that things can get better done believing that your significant enough to have another chance.Another chance at being you. Or Would you walk away from yourself because facing who you truly are is something none of us ever want to do.

Being aware of ones own self is so important yet so many of us neglect our happiness and celebrate our failures in the eyes of others.

Be strong. Be resilient. Never give up on you.


: love of self:

a : conceit

b : regard for one’s own happiness or advantage


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