The Allen’s move to Germany.

Down town Vilseck,Germany


Growing up I alway dreamed of traveling the world.On November 9,2017 I was told that I would finally have that opportunity. Not only was I able to start an adventure abroad I’m able to share it with my little family! Although I had always wanted something like this to occur now that it was actually happening I was terrified. Germany is approximately 5,000 miles away from where Khalil and I originate. Khalil and I are still fairly young and although he had been out of the country (on account of his job) a few times (Germany and South Korea) I had not and this made me anxious. Aside from being incredibly distant from family for three years we knew that there would be a huge cultural change. Khalil had an idea of what to expect since he had already experienced the German culture first hand. I on the other hand worried and thought of the most unrealistic scenarios in my head.( The movies Hostel and Taken may have crossed my mind.) Terrified or not I knew that this relocation was happening and happening soon. Khalil had chosen Germany as his new duty station for me. We had no idea what to expect or even what to do but we were eager and positive.As we gathered up every piece of the  life we built-in Fort Hood, Texas we promised to live it up in Europe no matter the obstacles we may face.We arrived in Visleck,Germany on March 5, 2018 jet lagged but thrilled. We left family, I left a great job,convenience and familiarity. Want to know how it’s all going? I would like to share our adventures with you,some old and some new!

❤️There are 195 different countries in the world,what country would you like to visit?🌎🌍🌏


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