First trip out of Germany. Prague,Czech Republic.

“The city of a hundred spires”

The gothic esque Cathedral of Saint Vitus and the Tyne Cathedral stand In the the capital of Czech Republic,Prague. Also nick named “The Golden City”,Prague Is home to several breath taking towers and spires. Prague is about a three hour drive from my current location,(Vilseck, Germany) but it feels like a completely different world.

My friends and I had frequently discussed traveling to Prague while our husbands were away on rotation,but had never followed through. That was until one of them had a birthday(Gardenia) and as a gift her husband planned her a 3 day trip to guess where….. Prague, Czech Republic! I couldn’t let her go alone,so her and I packed up our daughters, a ton of snacks and hit the road!

Our journey

The drive was decent aside from a million round abouts,occasional tantrums from our daughters and ow yes stressing about finding a gas station. Now the gas was only a concern because in Germany the gas prices are higher due to a variety of reasons.While stationed abroad military personnel and their families are given a ration card (Essos card). This card is valid on post and at any Esso gas station in the German economy. We could obtain gas at other gas stations but we would have to pay the European price. (Here’s a great descriptive article regarding Esso ration cards and there importance to military personnel abroad) For this reason Gardenia and I wanted to make sure we topped up the tank again before crossing the border into Czech. Between talking and snacking we crossed the border without even realizing. We didnt notice that we had crossed into Czech until I detected a tiny square sign that read “Czeska Republika”. Despite what we had heard there was no type of customs which only made sense since it is open border.

In a slight panic we quickly stopped at the nearest gas station to purchase a vignette (a form of road pricing imposed on vehicles.) This cost about 20£. We decide to not get gas and crossed our fingers.

We arrived in Prague at about 6:30 that evening.We both booked a room at the Hilton Prague due to its great location near the business district and the historic Old Town. After relaxing for about an hour or so we decide to walk around a little an grab a bite to eat! Before we exited the hotel we had to pull Czech koruna so that we had cash while we were out in case a vendor did not accept card. One U.S. dollar is worth almost 22 Czech koruna! This is incredibly cheap.

First thoughts while walking the streets of Praha……. so beautiful! The scenery was incredible,so many small shops and restaurants all aligned perfectly,ranging in colors from blue to yellow.

We had dinner at a restaurant named Alcapone, a pizzeria that excited me probably more than it should have.

The atmosphere was incredible,service was pleasant and the pizza was delicious!

Laelah and I after enjoying our first meal in Prague!

Most shops were closed or about to close once we left the restaurant so we called it a night and prepared for our first full day Saturday!

The next morning I decided to order room service to see what all the hype was about. Such a great decision that was! The food was so yummy and it only cost about 660 czk (30$) not to bad considering the amount of food that was included. Both Gardenia,myself and our daughters shared.

Now that we had filled our tummies it was time to head out onto the streets of the Old Town. We had only walked maybe 10 minutes and I was instantly blown away with how lively and fun my surroundings were. So many different vendors and street performers showcasing their art and talent. While walking I met a street painter named kozmik kate. Laelah and I actually watched her create a painting that is now hanging in Laelah’s room! Kate and her husband are American natives who went to Prague to explore, they ended up loving it so much they stayed to pursue their dreams! Kate’s husband is also and amazing artist who creates caricatures.

Check out some of Kate’s work here,

-Kate also ships internationally!

Laelah and I also got a picture drawn of us by another great artist. Unfortunately I was unable to get any of his contact information. This is how great it turned out!

Laelah and I had to sit still for about 20 minutes, which with a two year old it felt like two hours, luckily my friend Gardenia was there to help me out !

As we continued walking we came across the Choco-Story chocolate museum! Of course our daughters Laelah and Norah were beyond thrilled to be surrounded by an abundance of various candies! We even got to see how they crafted some of their hard candies!

Choco-Story chocolate museum


That Saturday was filled with so much laughter,gelato and incredible food! It was really nice to walk around admiring the sites experiencing a new culture. Every one I encountered while I was there treated Laelah and  I with respect and helped us in any way without passing judgment. This I appreciated very much.

So far we have traveled to Czech Republic and Poland and I’m inclined to say that the European way of dinning is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The service is so EXTRA( I mean this in a positive way.) The table settings are very upscale,the food and the presentation is AMAZING!!!! So amazing I without exaggeration want to take a picture of every plate that I receive. The waiters are polite,attention to detail also appears to be a big deal which I greatly respect. One thing that has taken me sometime to get use to is that you must get your servers attention whenever you are in need of something. Im not sure why this is but it is  know by Americans as “service desert.” When your server is present they are typically charming and helpful, my experiences have been nice so far.

Prague was such a great experience for both laelah and I,definitely a once in a lifetime thing and I’m so happy we got the opportunity to go! We saw beautiful buildings,beautiful people and enjoyed every second. I summed up our trip so that It wouldn’t be incredibly lengthy. If you have any specific questions or would like to know more please feel free to leave me a comment!

Here are a few pictures to illustrate a few other things we were able to do while in Prague!

Grévin Wax Museum


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