Mother,Mom,mum. Have you called your friend or family member that has a kid(s) lately?



* : very similar to other things of the same kind : not original or different

Being a mom definitely has its highs and lows, it’s prose and it’s cons. Pro;you helped create a beautiful spirit that shares the DNA of both you and your soul mate. Con;that beautiful little spirit can and WILL manipulate you every single day even when you don’t realize it. Pro;you’re able to set an example and mold your little human. Con;your able to set an example and mold your little human………..why is this also a “con” you ask. I mean come on you have this little sponge constantly watching your every move and listening to your every word absorbing it all in. With us being humans we are bound to slip up and say a curse word or do something unconsciously that we wouldn’t want our little person to imitate. This doesn’t make you a bad mom, it’s just the reality of being a mother.

There is so much pressure on Mothers to be this “cookie cutter” super mom who should undoubtedly live up to unrealistic expectations. For some reason society feels that because we are moms we must always have high energy, be positive every second of every day and that we should dedicate our entire life to being a mom. Just a mom, nothing more and nothing less. What about when we feel overwhelmed because I promise we do. Why are we expected to push those feelings to the side when it can lead to us stressing then that stress leads to us feeling like we are failures and or not enough which quickly makes us depressed. We then are left to suffer in silence, struggling to get out of bed each morning, dreading the day, praying that nap time comes fast. Feeling guilty for desperately counting down the minutes until bed time. And for what, to cry in the shower feeling shitty about the way we behaved that entire day. Feeling like we are a failure as a mother because mentally and physically we are drained. All coming back to the sad truth that if we complain about the lack of support, the lack of help, the lack of sleep, the lack of food, and the lack of sanity that we actually posses to take on the next day positively. We will be bad mouthed by other mothers who feel as though they are above us and even women who have yet to experience what mother hood is actually like. This will only cripple us more and ultimately lead to an incredible build up of unintentional resentment towards our child or children.

I know that this isn’t something that we as mothers want to admit but I have been there several times! Snapping at my daughter when she does the littlest things, keeping her cooped up in the house because I was so down and exhausted that I couldn’t even make it downstairs. Putting her in front of the television that way I could have a few minutes to myself because her father had been away training for months and I hadn’t spoken to another adult in what seemed like forever. Feeling my sanity quickly drain away.

I think the worst part to me is that we as mothers are publicly humiliated when we don’t meet the expectations that society has set for us, although we are trying our best to keep everything afloat. We are literally breaking our backs to provide, nurture and love our children all while being under constant observation from eyes they are looking through Rose colored glasses.

I can attest that I am indeed my worst critic. Every single day I learn a little more,I gain a little more patience and understanding but I still feel like I can be a better mother. When will society realize that women can indeed do it all but that doesn’t mean we should HAVE to do it all. Mothers are incredibly underrated and under appreciated for some odd reason. We should all support and uplift one another,it’s way to often that our selfless and sincere acts go unnoticed.

It’s funny how everyone places judgement once you get to your lowest point but no one ever calls you,comes to see you or even sends you a text randomly just to see if you’re okay. They text you in regards to their problems constantly,not knowing that while you’re helping build them back up your walls are crumbling down around you. They treat your problems like they are minuscule or an inconvenience to them not even trying to understand the depth of it all when secretly you have considered ending it all. Wonder if anyone would speak up then claiming that they were a true friend when in reality they didn’t give a damn until the end.

My daughter is the greatest gift that I have given the world,but I still have so much more that I can contribute,we all do.❤️


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