Sunday S’mores !🍫 How do you spend your Sundays?

I find it so strange how quick the days have started to go by. I remember at the beginning of Khalil’s rotation how every  day seem to drag on and on. The sun rises at about 5:40ish and it doesn’t fully set until about 10p.m. here in Germany so that definitely throws me off a bit. During the week we are fairly busy so I’m constantly trying to find cool yet simple things for Laelah and I to do on Sundays. Some Sundays are more lax than others but we typically try to at least have an hour play date if nothing else.

This Sunday we decided to make s’mores with a few of our friends! Gardenia hosted this marshmallow event in her back yard. Three types of Hershey’s chocolate 🍫🍫🍫bars,giant marshmallows,graham crackers and an open fire, the best decision I had made all week. (Tip- replace the regular Hershey’s bar with a cookies and cream Hershey’s bar.)🗣😍

The girls (Laelah,Norah and iliza) wanted to eat all the components of the s’mores but separately! It was still an awesome experience and I personally thought the s’mores tasted amazing! Although Laelah really wanted the marshmallows I was able to convince her to taste an assembled s’more. Below is her reaction. I think she’s to young to appreciate such a wonderful flavor combination.😂

Today was also my first time actually making them over a fire! (Usually I take the easy way out and out and put then in the oven.) 😋 We used a regular little grill,grabbed a few pieces of wood, a piece of paper and a lighter,then bam we had little bonfire! We even used actual sticks to roast the marshmallows!

It’s always great to get together with other moms who have kids around the same age. This gives Laelah and I a chance to get a little time away from each other while we both interact with someone we can relate to.

Laelah was able to eat snacks,draw pictures with chalk,run in a million circles and laugh like a maniac all with two other little people she calls her friends.❤️

Sunday’s can definitely be fun days no matter what you choose to do! I have found that getting out of the house makes the days not seem so long! Khalil is schedule to be home in a little less than six weeks so we are trying to keep busy.

I wonder what we will do this week!

Would you rather watch Netflix and nap on your Sunday or be out and about? Let me know in the comments!

I personally rotate the two.😊

Have an idea on an activity that Laelah and I should do next Sunday,leave us a recommendation in the comments!❤️

Thanks so much!


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