Redeployment;What to expect.

It’s that time,Khalil will be redeploying from Poland on Sunday and although we are all excited what exactly does this mean for our family?

-We are approaching the end of our second deployment so in honor of that I thought I would share a few things to expect during the “reunion” phase. We experienced all three when Khalil returned from Korea in 2016.

•*Sometimes the reunion may be more stressful than the actual separation.

The honey moon phase:

With your significant other coming home after being away for a significant amount of time it’s only natural that you both express your love and affection to a tooth aching degree. Both of you ignore things that on any regular day(s) would upset or anger you,bend to every request,laugh at every silly joke and even agree to do things out of the ordinary. I mean hey why not it’s a celebration right? Going on extravagant trips,eating take out for 3 nights straight, letting your kid(s) pig out on snacks because (mom)dad feels bad (she)he missed so much while (she)he was away. All of this is expected because everyone is experiencing a natural high,unfortunately since this is a “phase” it eventually comes to an end.


Everyone is excited to be reunited but many things may have changed while your soldier was away. These changes may be difficult for both the returning soldier as well as family members. Adjustments must be made in order for things to operate smoothly once a key piece has been removed,this does not mean that the missing piece is no longer integral. Once your soldier returns home It is vital to work together to ensure they know that the role they once played is still needed and can now be taken back by them.

•*Communication is very important through out this entire process.

•*Watch for signs of depression.


What was once “normal” before deployment is starting to shine through again. Routines are back in place,communication is consistent,a few minor problems but everyone is comfortable in the environment that has been created since the return of an integral piece.

Be understanding.

Be patient.

Be kind.

Be positive.

Be grateful.


Definition of “redeployment ” (US DoD) The transfer of forces and materiel to support another joint force commanders operational requirements, or to return personnel, equipment, and materiel to the home and/ or demobilization stations for reintegration and/or out-processing


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