M•ove O•ver N•egativty D•ecree A•chieving (self) responsibilit•Y

I strongly believe that ……..

What you put out into the world is what you receive.

-If you act ugly/nasty or speak ill on your self or others how can you expect to grow as a person?

Aspire to be a …………seed,not a weed.

So when you ^approach a day with that^ mindset I hope that you excrete an abundance of positivity into the world.

Make the best out of every situation,simple way to start off is with an open mind.

This is not always easy but it is POSSIBLE!

Accept what you can not change even if you lack the understanding as to why it happened.

•Stay happy & thrive💕


Plant a seed :To lay the groundwork for something that can develop or expand in the future.

Weed: 2

a: an obnoxious growth, thing, or person.


Do you complain about Mondays,did you struggle to get out of bed? Well you did it and that alone is a big accomplishment. Pat yourself on the back and have a great day!❤️Only you stand in your way.

Thanks so much for reading! Feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have.

•Being the best we can for our little human.💕



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