Sunflower field + a seemingly enchanted forest= Perfect family photos!🌻🌳🌲

Last Saturday we finally took fall photos that included all three of us, the results have blown me away. Our photographer Sara arranged 3 different locations to shoot.

The clouds covered the sun so unfortunately we were only able to visit two. The two locations we did visit were beautiful. Our first stop was deep in a forest that felt enchanted! I couldn’t help but to feel like I was in a Brothers Grimm tale. We walked down a winding pathway,trees towering on each side. Sara knew that I had been unable to find Laelah a proper bow so she made Laelah a flower crown that consisted of fresh purple flowers. Laelah was so happy with her flower crown and it was stunning in the photos. How attentive and thoughtful?❤️

Khalil and I had spent several hours shopping to find the “perfect” outfits for these photos,well worth it. The colors we chose stood out perfectly with the foliage in the forest back drop.

Off to the sunflower field!🌻

This summer each time I went to a local store I was on the hunt for sunflowers! I was only lucky once,so imagine how happy I was when I discovered a sunflower FIELD was our second shoot location! This was our very first time visiting a sunflower field and I am so happy that our first experience was immortalized with such beautiful pictures. Due to the clouds we only had the chance to experience the famous “golden hour” for about 10 minutes. Luckily for us our photographer is pretty amazing!

What was really magical about this family was watching the way Khalil and Karen interact; how easily they made one another laugh, how well they mesh together as parents, and how much they adore each other and their little Laelah. I can feel their love radiating from these photos!

View all pictures taken by clicking on the links below.

Fall forest photo gallery:

Stormy sunflower gallery:

Outfit details:

•Laelah’s shirt:

•pant: (the exact pant I purchased in stores is not available online,but these are pretty close!)

•Shoes: toms sneakers,bought at my local Px. Not available online.

Karen’s top:



Khalil’s shirt:



(We purchased these shoes almost 2 years ago at a perry Ellis outlet. This is the closet match I could find online!)

*location: Netzaberg,Germany

Thanks so much for reading! Feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have.

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Khalil,Laelah and myself would love for you guys to follow an explore with us through photos and videos!


🌻Doing the best we can for our little human!💕


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