Day drinking…..but you’re a mom! Cute Sunday outfit;details included.

Today I got to day drink🍷 ,eat food without sharing,have a conversation without interruptions(with other adults😱), I even wore a cute outfit and made it home with out any stains on it!💆🏽‍♀️ (details below)

Today was my first day without my daughter right by my side (for several months) and it WAS fun!

A group of friends and I decided to go to Amberg for a “girls day.” Khalil is home so my sidekick Laelah stayed behind with Dad and I went off on an adventure. We had a late lunch,chit chat and walked around helping a new friend find the perfect drindle for Oktoberfest! It was honestly nice getting out as Karen the adult and not just “Mom.” I admittedly felt guilty at first because I’m always in “mommy mode” and it felt strange to not be.😕 After a cup of wine and a supportive reassuring text from Khalil I felt all better!

We chose a pretty cool Sunday to go,In Germany there is actually a law in place that forbids for shops to be open on Sundays. (With exclusions of course) today I found out that certain Sundays throughout the year are considered “open Sundays.” On this day shops that are typically closed on Sundays are allowed to be open. So we lucked out and were able to both eat and shop on a Sunday!

I enjoyed being able to walk around Amberg enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Although I had an awesome time, I have to admit it felt even better to walk in the house and have Laelah run to me and shower me with love!💕

I love being a mom but sometimes we deserve a little time to ourselves! This doesn’t make us evil,it makes us human;adults need adult interaction. •

Mom guilt and wife guilt can hit hard,but that doesn’t make us any less deserving.💕


top: maroon cable knit sweater

Pant: Mom jeans



Bonus pictures:


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