My first Asian food experience in Germany! Early birthday dinner!

Yesterday Khalil and Laelah treated me to an early birthday dinner at a place named Asia Palast. The journey to and from was nothing short of interesting. Once there we did have an awesome time especially with the unique choice of meats at the Mongolian table.

Fun fact:I just learned how to use chopsticks tonight!

The restaurant is located in Amberg,around 25 minutes away from our home. We took the train so this 25 minute distance actually ended up being an hour and a half;there was a 45 minute layover.When we finally arrived to the Amberg train station we decided to walk to the restaurant,in retrospect this wasn’t the best idea because the temperature dropped drastically!

We were not greatly prepared,we are so use to a southern Louisiana fall that we dressed fairly light! Luckily the walk wasn’t too long!

The restaurant itself was nice,it appeared to be a fancy buffet! The language barrier is always an obstacle we face when we go out but we typically overcome it with no problems and lastnight was no different.

Laelah had chicken nuggets,fries and ice cream while dad and I had a variate abundance of things! Fried shrimp,fried rice,prawns,spring rolls,noodles and steamed rice! It was all very delicious! There was a Mongolian table that carried several rather exotic meats that could be added to ones dish. Exotic,exotic examples being kangaroo,zebra,crocodile and some more common meats like chicken and lamb.

I cropped out the actual meat because I personally don’t care for the appearance of raw meat!

After dinner we took a taxi back to the train station where we discovered we had lost our train tickets and list of locations,luckily we were able to purchase tickets using an automated booth.

Once on the train we were greeted by a man named John. John assisted us with our new schedule as well as offered miscellaneous chit chat. We had an hour layover in Neukirchen so we went to a little diner to grab a few drinks. John was an older gentleman,prior military and now him,his wife and youngest daughter live in Germany where he is an engineer.Encountering John definitely helped us with a scary and otherwise uncertain situation.

We all had an amazing time,ate delicious food and met a kind person!

I catch my flight in the morning,I wonder where I’m going?

•I’ll be disclosing my surprise birthday gift tomorrow!

I have created an Instagram page that specifically correlates to our blog!

Khalil,Laelah and myself would love for you guys to follow an explore with us through photos and videos!


🌻Doing the best we can for our little human!💕


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