Laelah turned 3!!! (DIY balloon backdrop details)

Tuesday we celebrated Laelah’s 3rd Birthday,it’s honestly so bizarre how quickly she is growing up, she is so bright and beautiful. Khalil and I could not be any prouder!💕

So what exactly did we do for her big day?

Laelah loves my friend Gardenia and her daughter Norah so she honestly just requested their presence. In conjunction to us all being together Khalil and I thought it would be cool to create a balloon back drop for pictures! The backdrop we created consisted of balloons,confetti,twine,white wrapping paper and required lots of patience! 🤣 Pinterest made this project look so easy! After several ballon lives were lost and about 2 &1/2 hours of blowing up and placing balloons we finally completed something that looks pretty cool!

We also added photos that she had taken on her birthday from previous years as well as our most recent fall photo shoot!

This project was a little stressful and annoying but it was all worth it when we saw her face light up the next morning!


We found an indoor playground in Nuremberg;Tucherland. We all drove to the location together but unfortunately we were disappointed. The customer service was incredibly upsetting as the front receptionist would not allow us to bring cupcakes.(I verified with the website and it stated that cake and or cupcakes were allowed for birthdays.) the worker also had an attitude and understandably American bank cards did not work with their machine. The worker told me that both cash and euro would be applicable but when my friend attempted to give her both forms of payment she denied her. Upset we just decided to have a little party right outside of the building. Laelah opened her gifts and we enjoyed a few pumpkin cupcakes courtesy of Gardenia!💕 We latter had dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Children are so pleased and thankful for the simplest things and this is a trait I hope Laelah does not grow out of. She didn’t need a crazy party that cost tons of money, several friends or a huge cake,Laelah was just so happy that she had her friend and her cupcakes!

The Chinese Restaurant



(Long overalls shown are not available online) the links shows a dress overall just as cute in the same color!


Incredibly cute shoes that come in a variety of colors,but be warned these shoes do squeak with every.step. 🤣 Laelah loves them but after about 2 hours I have to admit I wanted them to come off.🤣

Stripped shirt:

Laelah seemed to really enjoy her birthday,loved her toys and the Chinese food!❤️

Balloon backdrop:

What you will need:

50-100 pack of colored balloons



White sheet or a roll of white wrapping paper


Pictures of your little

Little stool for your little to sit on.

Colored honey comb balls(optional)

•Backdrop assembly:

  1. Khalil and I began blowing up 50 balloons in a variety of sizes and colors;some we filled with confetti.
  2. We cut strips of tape,folded them to make it double sided and began placing the balloons on the wall in a “3” shape.
  3. Once you have your desired shape take remaining balloons and place them statically after tying about a 5 inch of twine to the end.
  4. We used matte white wrapping paper to place on the floor,scattered remaining confetti as well as a few more balloons.
  5. Tape chosen pictures to a few of the balloons to make the presentation a little more personal!
  6. Add colored honey combs in a corner to add depth and more color!
  7. Add gifts!!!(optional)

*everything shown was 5 euro or under !

Stores- Nuremberg galleria,tedi,kik

Bonus pictures:

I have created an Instagram page that specifically correlates to our blog!

Khalil,Laelah and myself would love for you guys to follow an explore with us through photos and videos!


🌻Doing the best we can for our little human!💕


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