Date night at Angus steakhouse!πŸ₯”πŸ₯© Was it a hit or miss?🧐

Hey guys,this weekend has felt so weird and both Khalil and I have been so exhausted! Yesterday we lounged around on the couch until about 6 when I realized I hadn’t even consider what to make for dinner!😱 We had been told about a steak house located close to our home,it was said to be one of the best steakhouses in Vilseck! We got dressed and headed out to see what all the hype was about.πŸ€—

When we arrived to the restaurant it was very crowded,not surprising due to it being a Saturday.The hostess tended to us and with no problem at all she was able to seat us although we hadn’t made a reservation. Laelah order her own food,this was pretty amusing as it’s still mind blowing at how fast she is growing up. Chicken nuggets,french fries and still water!

Unfortunately because the restaurant was so busy it took maybe an hour before we actually received our food. (Laelah’s food was brought out within 10 minutes.) Once our food arrived the servings were a nice size and the presentation was excellent!

Ribeye steak with rosemary potatoes,

The main course came with a side salad as well as a side of your choice included in the price of the entree. This was great to me because I have gone to a few places where sides are actually sold separately at a pretty steep price. One place in Dublin in particular;it cost 24€ for a steak and the side of green beans cost 6€!😢

The food was quite enjoyable and the service was awesome! From our past experiences in German restaurants it is not as common for your server to continuously check on you like in America. Although last-night our server and others came to our tables frequently to make sure everything was perfect. One also gave Laelah something to color as well as made her an origami boat!

The total for everything was 51.90€, we were even given 2 shots on the house. The feel of the restaurant was very relaxed and intimate. Recessed lighting with candles lit at the tables. We would like to go back maybe for a special occasion but we would definitely say this place is a HIT!🀩

Khalil and I kinda matched last-night, blue sweaters and khakis ! What do you think about our look?( Laelah refuses to take a pictureπŸ˜‘)

We hope that you guys are doing great,tell us about your Saturday in the comments!❀️



Thanks so much for reading,feel free to leave comments and suggestions!❀️

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🌻Doing the best we can for our little human!πŸ’•


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