”Let it snow!” Snowfall in Vilseck,Germany! 😍😍😍

It snowed this morning!❄️

β€’Snow gives me the feeling of Christmas,watching the flakes fall to the ground just makes me want to cuddle with hot chocolate and watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas. 🌲

I originate from Louisiana where snow is almost non existent so this is exciting for me!🀣


Look at how breath taking these shots are! I’ve been told several times that here in Germany the sun leaves during the fall and doesn’t re appear until spring! I have to admit I’m honestly not prepared for constant drab and grey weather.

I’m sure we will find some way to stay in bright spirits !❀️

Let it snow ❄️

How’s the weather where you’re at?

Thanks so much for reading,feel free to leave comments and suggestions!❀️

I have created an Instagram page that specifically correlates to our blog!



Khalil,Laelah and myself would love for you guys to follow an explore with us through photos and videos!



🌻Doing the best we can for our little human!πŸ’•


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